As COVID-19 impacts our ability to gather in public places and connect with others, individuals with a gambling problem may be affected in significant ways. During this time of social distancing, help is still available.


As the casino industry is affected and some casinos close, there could be withdrawal symptoms if you have a gambling problem.  When people have been gambling for a long period of time and then you suddenly can’t gamble, it is common to experience withdrawal symptoms.  Such symptoms could include anxiety, agitation, irritability, and even angry outbursts.  If you are having any of these symptoms and realize you want to gamble, please call the Oklahoma Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-522-4700) or the OAPCG office (405-801-3329) for help.


If you have a gambling problem there is the capability to receive counseling help by using a secure site and having a face-to-face session with a gambling counselor.  If you need help please call the OAPCG office (405-801-3329) and we will connect you with a cost-free telehealth provider.

Online Gambling

With the COVID-19 crisis, casinos are closing as are other places for public gatherings.  It is tempting for some gamblers to go online with their computers and cell phones to satisfy the need to place a bet.  If you have this temptation there is a program called GAMBAN.  By installing this program on your devices, it blocks all sites that can be used for gambling.  OAPCG will offer one year of GAMBAN at no cost to any resident of Oklahoma.  Please contact the OAPCG office (405-801-3329) if you need help.

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